Linger Longer in Kenya

About us

Linga longa coined from two English words; ‘linger’ and ‘longer which means among other things ‘to hang around for an extended period’. The overall goal  is to encourage tourists to hang around longer and experience more. Therefore, Linga longa holiday concept is ‘longer stay’ kind of holidays.

The Linga Longa holidays ® will use Linga Longa holidays ® e-Magazine and guide locally and internationally as communication and marketing tool for long stay holiday opportunities in Kenya.

The e-magazines goal is to achieve the following through provision of uptodate information;

a). Promote consumption of Kenya’s long stay experiences in Kenya such as home-stays, holidays apartments, village stays, ethno-tourism and cultural immersions.

b). Inform and persuade tourists to utilize these facilities for either or combination of

  1. Long holidays breaks
  2. Ethno-tourism research and learning
  3. Full immersion cultural experiences.

c). To create awareness of these facilities within the country and beyond.

d). To create and sustain a renewed appeal for Kenya’s cultural experience


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