Linger Longer in Kenya

Destination Kibwezi

Destination Kibwezi, Kenya

Kibwezi Division is situated about 200Km south east of Nairobi. The altitude of the area varies from 600m to 1100m a.s.e. The actual location of the Division is at the southern portion of Makueni District of the eastern province of Kenya.

The major land form in the Kibwezi area includes the Chyullu hills which lie along the south-western border of the District. The land rises slightly below 600m a.s.l in the Tsavo area at the southern end of the Division to about 1100m in the northern part . The Athi River is the major perennial river in the District and its tributaries Kambu, Kibwezi, Kiboko and Mtito Andei rivers drain the Kibwezi area.
The Division is characterised by savannah grasslands with mostly low-lying, gently eastward sloping plains towards River Athi, broken by occasional hills and seasonal and perennial rivers.

The largest ethnic group in the project area is the Wakamba. As in the pre-colonial times, they depend partly on a pastoral and agronomic economy to meet most of their needs. Most production systems include cultivated plots and access to communal grazing lands. Other activity is beekeeping.

Between 1925 and 1936, the colonial government declared as Crown Land areas settled by the Kambas around and on Ngulia hills (present day areas of Ngulia Lodge in Tsavo National Park) and traditionally recognized as part of Kambaland. Although most of the people migrated due to pressure by the government, some people remained especially in Chyullu hills.

Areas of attraction include; The Kibwezi forest,  The Umani springs, Chyullu hills,
Kalamba mythical submerged village (Kithyululu), Kibwezi town, Mbuinzau hills, Mbuinzau Woodcarvers, Mtito Ande town, Tsavo West, Chaimu and Shetani lava, Kibwezi river and many other beautiful attractions. Interact with the locals. They are highly hospitable.

Quality and comfortable accommodation is readly available in all major town Centres. Most of the Centres have clean water and electricity.


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