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Linga Longa Holidays- Linger Longer in Kenya

The word ‘Kenya’  is synonymous with a number of things – world’s best long distance athletes, World’s best Coffee, World’s best tea, world’s best pyre thrum and many other world’s best in achievements.

Its however Kenya’s reputation as the best holiday destination on the east coast of Africa that has truly summarized Kenya’s bestness- safari, wildlife, people, geography, climate, air connection and the list is long….

This is where we all connect to our past. In Africa and for all Africans, we say that we have some strong bond with where our forefathers umbilical cords were buried coz that’s our ancestral land. Moreover, history and archaeologists have proved that that all human forms started in Africa and specifically in Kenya, the cradle of mankind.

This is the kind of connection, bond and feel of fantastic dejavu that awaits you. Come connect with your life history.

Travel with us and linger longer in Kenya…


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